Server configuration files for the game Xonotic. Feat. multiple game modes and balance conventions each.
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hub3aeroq3a_nex_r4.mapinfo 651B

  1. title Aerowalk
  2. description First created for the original Quake, Aerowalk became an instant hit upon it`s release in 1997. It's popularity has spawned numerous remakes for later versions of Quake, and has made frequent appearances in tournaments. This recreation of Aerowalk derives from a Quake 3 mod named Challenge Pro Mode Arena under the map name of "CPM22". Aerowalk favors a fast, rushed strategical and technical approach, has a lot of control points, and favors utilization of teleporters for shot placement.
  3. author Preacher (Hubsters Remix II)
  4. has weapons
  5. gametype dm
  6. gametype tdm
  7. gametype lms
  8. gametype ca
  9. gametype ft
  10. gametype kh
  11. gametype ka