1 Commits (3a1d37a319f339bbe0617dce165882c841a8cbba)

Autor SHA1 Mensagem Data
   44b0cba4a3 Addressed SVQC Warnings for the rest of the maps. 3 anos atrás
   42b32abee7 Updated mapinfo files, regarding machinegun for zih_ maps. 3 anos atrás
   bcbe15c383 Addressed SVQC Warning and MG issue with map zih_weirdf_q3 3 anos atrás
   8fded92591 Addressed SVQC Warning for map alkdm14 3 anos atrás
   b7ee2546bf Addressed SVQC warning - aeneon, arena gametype 3 anos atrás
   72c8fe0591 Addressed SVQC Warning: unknown game type 'arena' for acid3dm10_q3 4 anos atrás
   9782a48410 No more CTS maps in DM, and DM maps in CTF 4 anos atrás