9 Commits (2122e2d6f7917e7761188bf55f560e42ca8275bc)

Author SHA1 Message Date
   2122e2d6f7 Added new maps to server 4 years ago
   9782a48410 No more CTS maps in DM, and DM maps in CTF 4 years ago
   373d4ab643 Changed fallback url, changed default slick 4 years ago
   f63596b716 Disabled shuffle teams on clan arena 4 years ago
   20ed0e8a42 Removed power-ups from Freeze Tag & improved respawn convenience on CTS 4 years ago
   a431a3f1a8 Added ignore file to ignore maps, screenshots, and other data. 4 years ago
   946545cc83 Reconfigured for XDF weapon balance, proper collision (un)set, and conveniences 4 years ago
   5ef9fe910a Reconfigured for Defrag physics only on CTS 4 years ago
   71e0a1e858 Initial, no experiments with aliasing 4 years ago