23 Commits (209f42ffc05d0b680a759f355896d1536a5d37e8)

Author SHA1 Message Date
   209f42ffc0 Added new CTS maps. 3 years ago
   25053c9e71 changed soundtrack of gasoline and hidden 4 teams version 3 years ago
   cbfea928f7 Commented out line for gametype arena 3 years ago
   b1677a4d3f Commented out line for tune gametype 3 years ago
   44b0cba4a3 Addressed SVQC Warnings for the rest of the maps. 3 years ago
   42b32abee7 Updated mapinfo files, regarding machinegun for zih_ maps. 3 years ago
   bcbe15c383 Addressed SVQC Warning and MG issue with map zih_weirdf_q3 3 years ago
   c1c883746a Addressed SVQC errors for map boxgardens. 3 years ago
   2d222d3ad5 Moved and updated gpl-quickie2.mapinfo 3 years ago
   ce4218ca82 Added CTS maps 3 years ago
   8fded92591 Addressed SVQC Warning for map alkdm14 3 years ago
   4aa35554b2 Addressed SVQC Warning for map aerowalk_ql 3 years ago
   b7ee2546bf Addressed SVQC warning - aeneon, arena gametype 3 years ago
   72c8fe0591 Addressed SVQC Warning: unknown game type 'arena' for acid3dm10_q3 3 years ago
   71c7285e76 Addressed SVQC warning: legacy keyword 'type' for map accident_v3 3 years ago
   72301034e5 Added new maps 3 years ago
   80ff59bfca Added new maps 4 years ago
   a972f95711 Added new maps to the server 4 years ago
   9ead8834f9 Added new CTS maps 4 years ago
   0ada55b090 Added new pornstar CTS maps 4 years ago
   bef15d01a6 Added new maps to the server. 4 years ago
   2122e2d6f7 Added new maps to server 4 years ago
   9782a48410 No more CTS maps in DM, and DM maps in CTF 4 years ago