136 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  - 3a1d37a319 Added tentative balance tweak for xoylent 2 years ago
  - 857df98435 Fixed bad spawn point 2 years ago
  - 0b51ade54d Updated roster of big maps 3 years ago
  - cd06de6ee9 Added map host for frost halo 3 years ago
  - e07051a7d6 Added Arch Linux bot and updated Sexibody colors 3 years ago
   fb2139663a Added hooney mode duel to vcalls 3 years ago
   4f6c41c063 Set duel to switch gametype and removed -duel 3 years ago
   90c819301c Removed a 'restart' from sv_hooks 3 years ago
   e0101808c9 Added xpm to the duel vcall 3 years ago
   98903bf498 Revised duel vcall by creating separate 1v1 vcall 3 years ago
   b8f3312bfa Redirected links to new map server 3 years ago
   1ae9236689 Switched download link for tuhma to the official map repository 3 years ago
   20fc5ce931 Removed cdtrack modifications of fuse & finalrage 3 years ago
   adbc6d1eb6 Hid certain maps 4 years ago
   8cb8c494c2 Added new maps and updated download links 4 years ago
   78b19ee364 Added maplist vcalls for radcorp 4 years ago
   e4130905bc Added a real human bean bot 4 years ago
   046711623c Added bots.txt 4 years ago
   e6eaaa3263 Removed unnecessary asset files 4 years ago
   5ac31b8131 Add line to reset server to defaults at the very beginning 4 years ago
   69c054296c Updated for changes to sv_*.cfg's and removed no-longer necessary lines RE: notifications 4 years ago
   2887771e35 Simplified respawning cvars & added shoot from center 4 years ago
   ff69ab38a9 Added cvars from defaultXPM.cfg 4 years ago
   a2750c684c Server bot quantities properly update per mode. 4 years ago
   e21b53b05e Added maps 4 years ago
   70420373b9 Condensed mode vote menu & bot vcall spawns amount corresponding to g_maxplayers 4 years ago
   3e0b6a1fd7 Disabled powerups because of crazy spawns 4 years ago
   10f7d70121 Added in switch-off of weaponstats file 4 years ago
   4a2f313094 Added note about maintenance horu & generalized web leaderboards 4 years ago
   ecd2850146 Set 1337 bots on start up 4 years ago
   c4a88c5894 Bot count properly updated on change to duel mode 4 years ago
   cb48e083bb Pattern rules now follow quake style mapping names (author, mode, map#) 4 years ago
   4f0c5be8d6 Moved warmup limit out of file. 4 years ago
   120c577c30 Gave original warm-up period in XPM, but kept shortened warm-up for defaults 4 years ago
   77724497c1 Moved XPM's disabling of powerups to duel only 4 years ago
   4a5043de00 Added new maps 4 years ago
   5dffdaae64 Added to-file weapon usage statistics to komier-weapons cfg's 4 years ago
   89e5ffc397 sv_xon resets overtime to sudden death, from XPM 4 years ago
   8833a3cd97 Adjusted quantity of bots 4 years ago
   671ad01c26 Moved respawn delay from server.cfg 4 years ago
   c13da4dc8b Reduced warm up time and added start-of-session message regarding it. 4 years ago
   f02d27276f Cleaned up voting options 4 years ago
   153f6ae56a Freed motd variables after MOTD is set 4 years ago
   d2c60d8301 Simplified logic behind MOTDs 4 years ago
   e93a417075 Removed camper crossings from all map lists except ctf 4 years ago
   f207fc481d Overtime replaces sudden death for XPM tie resolution 4 years ago
   821c9625dd Fixed +xpm +/-bots vcall availability 4 years ago
   bbef1dea6b Added maps and fixed dowload link for blackcathedral 4 years ago
   7f3fadbe92 Added server bots 4 years ago
   7502986f85 Changed rule regarding spectators chat 4 years ago