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a simple backup tool


Example: backuping and and restoring a directory’s contents with backr



  • Store different backups in different locations

  • Backup a folder and one or more of its subfolders separately

  • Delete old backups to save space without affecting more recent ones


  1. rename hash and dir variables

  2. prefer args to prompting the user

  3. use separate variables for backr_location

  4. restor —clean feature to remove old backups from backup list

  5. use Makefile to compile files in installation

  6. do less in main() (keep in mind during other todos)


git clone

cd backr-py

put and in PATH, eg:

ln -s ~/backr-py/ ~/.local/bin

ln -s ~/backr-py/ ~/.local/bin


cd /foo/bar # to backup # to restore


Remove and from PATH then delete the repository