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a simple backup tool



  • Store different backups in different locations

  • Backup a folder and one or more of its subfolders separately

  • Delete old backups to save space without affecting more recent ones


git clone

cd backr-py

put and in PATH, eg:

ln -s ~/backr-py/ ~/.local/bin

ln -s ~/backr-py/ ~/.local/bin


cd /foo/bar # to backup # to restore


Remove and from PATH then delete the repository eg:

rm ~/.local/bin/

rm ~/.local/bin/

rm -rf ~/backr-py/

Scheduling Backups with Cron

  1. Backup directory manually to set backr location
cd /foo/bar
  1. Add command with crontab -e
# add this to crontab:

@reboot cd /foo/bar; /home/user/.local/bin/ -n -w
  1. Change @reboot to your desired schedule

  2. Change /home/user/.local/bin/ to your path

  3. Change -n to -c if you want to use compression