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img_capabilities.h 2.8KB

  1. /* -*- Mode: c++; tab-width: 4; indent-tabs-mode: t; c-basic-offset: 4 -*-
  2. **
  3. ** Copyright (C) 1995-2007 Opera Software AS. All rights reserved.
  4. **
  5. ** This file is part of the Opera web browser. It may not be distributed
  6. ** under any circumstances.
  7. */
  10. #define IMG_CAP_DONT_GUESS_ALL_TYPES // ImageManager::AddImageDecoderFactory(factory, type, check_header), decide if an
  11. // image format should be checked when guesssing image type or not, in the function
  12. // ImageManager::CheckImageType().
  13. #define IMG_CAP_PEEK_IMAGE_DIMENSIONS // Image::PeekImageDimension, so the layoutengine can force peeking dimensions of a image.
  14. #define IMG_CAP_HAS_FAILED_INFO // Image::IsFailed exist, so that the code outside the img module will
  15. // know that the decoding of an image has failed. (earlier, the only way
  16. // to know that was through a callback, no direct call existed.
  17. #define IMG_CAP_ASK_PROVIDER_FOR_IMAGE_TYPE // Sometimes, we have special image providers, who can
  18. // provide us with a check for image type. The normal
  19. // Url provider will not implement the CheckImageType
  20. // function, but some special code will do that (like
  21. // fav icons ico images read from disk).
  22. #define IMG_CAP_BOTTOM_TO_TOP // Some images (bmp) is decoded starting with the bottom line.
  23. // 2 functions have been added to the Image interface, IsBottomToTop()
  24. // and GetLowestDecodedLine().
  25. #define IMG_CAP_GETEFFECTBITMAP_WITH_LISTENER // GetBitmapEffect() takes a ImageListener as an argument, like GetBitmap() does
  26. #define IMG_CAP_TGA_SELFTEST_VERIFICATION // DecoderFactoryTga has a verify function which will compare the given bitmap against a reference tga file
  27. #define IMG_CAP_PNG_SELFTEST_VERIFICATION // DecoderFactoryPng has a verify function which will compare the given bitmap against a reference png file
  28. #define IMG_CAP_CAN_HANDLE_MINPNG_INDEXED_OUTPUT // imagedecoderpng.cpp can handle output of indexed image data
  29. // from minpng_decode in minpng module.
  30. #define IMG_CAP_BITMAPPTR_ACCESS // Ready for non-const GetPointer() and ReleasePointer() methods in OpBitmap that express intended access type
  31. #define IMG_CAP_GETTILE_DESIRED_SIZE // GetTileBitmap has desired_width, desired_height parameters.
  32. #define IMG_CAP_GETINDEXED_DATA // Img module is ready for the new GetPalette and GetIndexedLineData API in OpBitmap.
  33. #define IMG_CAP_REPORT_MEMMAN_CACHE_SIZE // The ImageManager can report cache size and usage
  34. #define IMG_CAP_DECODE_DATA_RESENT_BYTES // DecodeData has a resendBytes parameter instead of returning the bytes to resend as an OP_STATUS
  35. #define IMG_CAP_REPLACE_BITMAP_STATUS // Image::ReplaceBitmap returns OpStatus
  36. #endif // !IMG_CAPABILITIES_H