50 Commits (master)

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  Teknikode d01db144a2 Add url settings 1 week ago
  Teknikode 9568cdd36d Added amcrest cameras 1 week ago
  Teknikode 4e981162d1 Removed cert expiry 2 weeks ago
  Teknikode 61619bcada Added back patio strip to tolink config 1 month ago
  Teknikode 50ae2202c7 Removed problematic power strip 2 months ago
  Teknikode 151bfc234e Fixed state 3 months ago
  Teknikode e85b2a823c Updated sensors and motion detection 3 months ago
  Teknikode 59ac7cd3bd Added front porch auto to scripts 3 months ago
  Teknikode b255d55469 Update messaging and timings for light automation 3 months ago
  Teknikode ac5c6ba2d1 Added front porch light automation 3 months ago
  Teknikode 95369dec67 Fixed light motion detection 3 months ago
  Teknikode 5d996795f8 Remove dup 3 months ago
  Teknikode 79c875813a Added tp-link static hosts 3 months ago
  Teknikode 95c516c9c7 Moved host information to secret file and removed unused config 3 months ago
  Teknikode ff681deece Changed kitchen motion to wyze sensor 3 months ago
  Teknikode 3d9df22fb4 Added debug logging 3 months ago
  Teknikode d1167d9f85 Added direct usb device nomenclature 3 months ago
  Teknikode 05591caf7c Fix indentation 3 months ago
  Teknikode 52ae1b99df Added wyzesense as binary sensor 3 months ago
  Teknikode c7ae830bc5 Added spotify to config 3 months ago
  Teknikode dafa1fbcca Fixed google assistant config 3 months ago
  Teknikode 6e090c0711 Cleaned up config and added emby 3 months ago
  Teknikode 20f4059e1c Added snapcast as media player 5 months ago
  Teknikode b76bb933aa Fixed invalid wake on lan property name 5 months ago
  Teknikode 5a1dd655d3 Added mobile app integration 7 months ago
  Teknikode 97679a0c18 Added IDs to light automation 8 months ago
  Teknikode 78e011e64f Added check for automation when turning off lights 8 months ago
  Teknikode 73f3e7203a Fixed TTS def 8 months ago
  Teknikode f244d616b1 Fixed google integration 8 months ago
  Teknikode 7a01a28d13 Fixed incorrect boolean state 8 months ago
  Teknikode de7e5ffcbd Added switches for specific light automations 8 months ago
  Teknikode 2215d1e9dc Added bravia tv 1 year ago
  Teknikode 55f002f736 Renamed living room hue lights 1 year ago
  Teknikode 1d0bc1472b Think I fixed light detection? 1 year ago
  Teknikode c686924b89 Fixed tp light switches 1 year ago
  Teknikode ae5f2581d0 Added system health 1 year ago
  Teknikode 85d0e53787 Fixed motion detection 1 year ago
  Teknikode 36ef969cda Fixed tplink switches 1 year ago
  Teknikode 88d2e934fd Added binary sensor 1 year ago
  Teknikode db8f91c8b9 Removed hue 1 year ago
  Teknikode 169cfe7f59 Fixed config 1 year ago
  Teknikode 4a701bed6a Added custom hue sensor udpater 1 year ago
  Teknikode 62e949a7c4 Moved API password option 1 year ago
  Uncled1023 fc7e702faa Added new google assistant toggle for locks and removed owntrack 1 year ago
  Teknikode ff385d735f Removed home arrival automation 1 year ago
  Teknikode 26233f98a5 Added hard-coded list of exposed domains 1 year ago
  Teknikode b0f6bb43ce Added google assistant config 1 year ago
  Teknikode a1cdd4dfda Added condition for in bed when turning on kitchen light 1 year ago
  Teknikode ccf6cb442a Changed home arrival to be by zone, and fixed upper hallway sensor not triggering automation 1 year ago
  Teknikode e02d1a2975 Initial Config Additions 1 year ago