25 Commits (master)

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  Teknikode 97679a0c18 Added IDs to light automation 3 days ago
  Teknikode 78e011e64f Added check for automation when turning off lights 3 days ago
  Teknikode 73f3e7203a Fixed TTS def 4 days ago
  Teknikode f244d616b1 Fixed google integration 4 days ago
  Teknikode 7a01a28d13 Fixed incorrect boolean state 1 week ago
  Teknikode de7e5ffcbd Added switches for specific light automations 1 week ago
  Teknikode 2215d1e9dc Added bravia tv 5 months ago
  Teknikode 55f002f736 Renamed living room hue lights 5 months ago
  Teknikode 1d0bc1472b Think I fixed light detection? 6 months ago
  Teknikode c686924b89 Fixed tp light switches 6 months ago
  Teknikode ae5f2581d0 Added system health 6 months ago
  Teknikode 85d0e53787 Fixed motion detection 6 months ago
  Teknikode 36ef969cda Fixed tplink switches 6 months ago
  Teknikode 88d2e934fd Added binary sensor 6 months ago
  Teknikode db8f91c8b9 Removed hue 6 months ago
  Teknikode 169cfe7f59 Fixed config 6 months ago
  Teknikode 4a701bed6a Added custom hue sensor udpater 6 months ago
  Teknikode 62e949a7c4 Moved API password option 6 months ago
  Uncled1023 fc7e702faa Added new google assistant toggle for locks and removed owntrack 9 months ago
  Teknikode ff385d735f Removed home arrival automation 10 months ago
  Teknikode 26233f98a5 Added hard-coded list of exposed domains 11 months ago
  Teknikode b0f6bb43ce Added google assistant config 11 months ago
  Teknikode a1cdd4dfda Added condition for in bed when turning on kitchen light 11 months ago
  Teknikode ccf6cb442a Changed home arrival to be by zone, and fixed upper hallway sensor not triggering automation 1 year ago
  Teknikode e02d1a2975 Initial Config Additions 1 year ago