Tools to interface with Teknik Services.
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  1. # Teknik Tools and Utilities
  2. These tools are used to interact with different services of Teknik.
  3. ## Upload Tools
  4. * - `Bash` script for uploading multiple files.
  5. ## Paste Tools
  6. * - `Bash` script for creating a paste from text.
  7. ## Hexchat Addons
  8. * Teknik Upload - Allows easy uploading of files and sharing of the generated url.
  9. ## Third-party scripts
  10. * [tekup]( - `Bash` script that uploads both text files to Paste and other files to Upload. Includes API support and logging
  11. ## Bugs/Feature Requests
  12. Please report all bugs you find to me so I can fix them as soon as possible. Also if you have any feature requests, feel free to send them to me as well.
  13. ## Contact Info
  14. Email:<br>
  15. IRC: (<br>
  16. Nick: Uncled1023