The next generation of the Teknik Services. Written in ASP.NET.
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Teknikode 2d30e33949 Added Cdn generation to SubRouteUrl. 4 years ago
Controllers Fixed user auth cookie not using the real username, but the one passed in from the model. 4 years ago
Models Added trusted device support for Two Factor authentication. 4 years ago
Scripts Added anti-forgery tokens to user account related requests. Unable to add to login/registration due to cross-domain support for the login/registration form. 4 years ago
Utility Fixed issue where editing a password would remove your login_name from git (breaking logins) 4 years ago
ViewModels Added clearing of trusted devices, and showing of current count of trusted devices. 4 years ago
Views Fix Misspelling 4 years ago
UserAreaRegistration.cs Added Cdn generation to SubRouteUrl. 4 years ago