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  Teknikode f54a0d9d4e Fixed delete functions for non-user content 1 month ago
  Teknikode ba8c0bb1b1 Added check to make sure token is unique 1 month ago
  Teknikode 73ae766db5 Added 'LastUsed' for auth tokens 1 month ago
  Teknikode 5a240c74cc Removed billing index page 1 month ago
  Teknikode 0521c99c2e Added www redirect to project 1 month ago
  Teknikode c45da1ff0a Fixed extra quote 1 month ago
  Teknikode 9450ebd33c Fixed API help page. 1 month ago
  Teknikode 80199b3ba7 Made url shortening API require account. 1 month ago
  Teknikode 469f423508 Added version.json to .gitignore 1 month ago
  Teknikode 9846475056 Reworked API help docs 1 month ago
  Teknikode 894c1b2974 Removed actual version file 1 month ago
  Teknikode 8b868e61aa Fixed incorrect url 1 month ago
  Teknikode 2233d6c3be Added Auth Tokens for direct API access 1 month ago
  Teknikode 37fc3ca560 Fixed domain mapping for subdomain less routes 1 month ago
  Teknikode b62e2f1922 Fixed shortener not redirecting properly 1 month ago
  Teknikode 77805b0386 Fixed SMTP default connection error 1 month ago
  Teknikode a3d484009b Added storage utilization to uplaod page 1 month ago
  Teknikode 2e945e7d9d Make email sync not remove email account if premium 1 month ago
  Teknikode 98c99b3336 Added renewals of subscriptions 2 months ago
  Teknikode ef5e5cd82a Updated verbage of cancelation 2 months ago
  Teknikode 481360b831 Updated billing to cancel at end of billing 2 months ago
  Teknikode a82f3bd56d Changed cancel button to red 2 months ago
  Teknikode a9000ef6a8 Merge branch 'feature/billing' of https://git.teknik.io/Teknikode/Teknik into feature/billing 2 months ago
  Teknikode 2bb1a1a500 Added checks for billing enabled. 2 months ago
  Teknikode 7954b7f269 Added checks for billing enabled. 2 months ago
  Teknikode a706b3836e Removed storage from mail help page 2 months ago
  Teknikode 661cc00e69 Merge branch 'feature/billing' of https://git.teknik.io/Teknikode/Teknik into feature/billing 2 months ago
  Teknikode c9890aed75 Removed unused info. 2 months ago
  Teknikode e9f3dceeba Removed unused info. 2 months ago
  Teknikode 88f8cec51c Fixed some nomenclature 2 months ago
  Teknikode c5bcbadf2a Fixed stats error (removed transactions) 2 months ago
  Teknikode d6a2e968e8 Added max storage to service data page 2 months ago
  Teknikode 5867d0a4d8 Fixed contact page 2 months ago
  Teknikode 0b19411fb6 Fixed subscription sync 2 months ago
  Teknikode 999cff2bd2 Added unlinking of User billing customer where orphaned 2 months ago
  Teknikode 243db31442 Added bettter UX for managing subscription 2 months ago
  Teknikode ed9a94cba1 Added handling of customer deletion 2 months ago
  Teknikode 5b4eb2c578 Changed view subscription headers 2 months ago
  Teknikode 485f0eb3bc Added portal to main billing settings page 2 months ago
  Teknikode 87d06e06cc Added subscription portal 2 months ago
  Teknikode 9e9ff1d144 Removed premium account references 2 months ago
  Teknikode da8f467297 Removed unused sections 2 months ago
  Teknikode 7f1efd40d5 - Updated mail storage to be by bytes. 2 months ago
  Teknikode 162a8c5e4e Fixed billing webhook endpoints 2 months ago
  Teknikode 4b0c3fa4c1 Fixed vault deletion for admins 2 months ago
  Teknikode d6c1548130 Fixed uploads not being deleted for admin roles. 2 months ago
  Teknikode 543df28eb7 Added billing/subscriptions 2 months ago
  Teknikode 63ef371a4a Implemented loading of pricing/subscription info from stripe 5 months ago
  Teknikode dda407743c Reworked subscription page to be more dynamic and better looking 5 months ago
  Teknikode c397365d33 Made subscription page data driven 5 months ago