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  Teknikode f42547174a Fixed paste edits not working if no password submitted pirms 1 gada
  Teknikode 89ba60b593 Made tracking operations go to a background queue to be processed. pirms 1 gada
  Teknikode 7945ade961 Added .net core piwik tracking api to most entry points pirms 1 gada
  Teknikode 54398fbe29 Fixed untitled paste title pirms 1 gada
  Teknikode f15fb73094 Fixed pastes, user logout endpoint, and auth cookie pirms 1 gada
  Teknikode 73e5e084a5 Fixed pastes erroring out if there is no IV/Key pirms 1 gada
  Teknikode 4892e01630 Standardized the titles for all of the pages. pirms 1 gada
  Teknikode a4365b2671 - Added ability to edit paste. pirms 1 gada
  Teknikode 063854f776 Added checks to see if paste file exists. pirms 1 gada
  Teknikode 9bbb9a8ffa - Modified uploads to have an expiration of a day for non-logged in users. pirms 1 gada
  Teknikode 93fc385f0b Added separate page for viewing service data. pirms 1 gada
  Teknikode 0f7c912390 Modified pastes to save content to encrypted files instead of saving to the DB. pirms 1 gada
  Teknikode 62e4476897 Added Identity Server for authentication pirms 1 gada
  Chris Woodward 2c43e7fe58 Changed Uploads, Pastes, and URL Shortening to private only. pirms 2 gadiem
  Teknikode b674590b8c Fixed formatting of blog/vault editors. pirms 2 gadiem
  Teknikode 21a3a31f02 Removed tracking attributes from all files. pirms 2 gadiem
  Teknikode 0a9ba75dcb Added .net core Piwik library. pirms 2 gadiem
  Teknikode 5eb45263d9 Ported existing projects to Asp.Net Core (Except ServerMaint) pirms 2 gadiem
  Teknikode 656693e0c6 - Removed Inferno crypto library pirms 3 gadiem
  Teknikode cfa226fa6a Finalized new AES cipher wrapper and removed old instance. pirms 3 gadiem
  Teknikode e163e0ca8c - Moved TeknikEntities from global field to disposed local instances. pirms 3 gadiem
  Teknikode 9bce07edfc Added options to pastes and uploads to add to an existing vault if they are logged in. pirms 3 gadiem
  Teknikode cbe5078b9d - Added Basic Auth handling inside the auth attributes pirms 3 gadiem
  Teknikode 8a3f232205 Created EmailAccount model for configs, and moved COntactConfig to use the new model, as well as for logging. pirms 3 gadiem
  Teknikode 56b0063dce Moved Helpers and Configuration into separate projects. Updated all references to use them as well. pirms 3 gadiem
  Teknikode 56362057be Moved StringHelper and Byte extensions to Utility project. pirms 3 gadiem
  Teknikode 2eb9463df7 Changed to use own Pygments nuget package. pirms 3 gadiem
  Teknikode 14dee8455f Added default fallback for 'Text only' if the syntax is not supported. pirms 3 gadiem
  Teknikode 04c2e657ab Changed paste to use backend syntax highlighting by pygments instead of a JS method. pirms 3 gadiem
  Teknikode 7aaa5e922b Fixed some characters not being allowed as Paste passwords. pirms 4 gadiem
  Teknikode c6dd9f2704 Fixed hash being generated for pastes that didnt' specify password. pirms 4 gadiem
  Teknikode 99c0d3a1e3 Added transfer properties to Pastes for password transfers. pirms 4 gadiem
  Teknikode e4a0bc6f8f Fixed user password transfer not generating the new password for the transfer type. pirms 4 gadiem
  Teknikode 5e88144bbf Added case sensitivity to certain model properties, and added a more robust transfer account system. pirms 4 gadiem
  Teknikode 77aa0fe8bc Added download action tracking to uploads/pastes/rss pirms 4 gadiem
  Teknikode 0f96025d48 Added Tracking Filter to only those actions that need it. pirms 4 gadiem
  Teknikode 74e5e90e1b Renamed 'Profile' area to 'User' to better match it's purpose. pirms 4 gadiem
  Teknikode 6fa093175d Updated titles and descriptions. pirms 4 gadiem
  Teknikode 681086df3c Fixed paste for unencrypted paste pirms 4 gadiem
  Teknikode 7b71a4bb5c Fixed bad encoding for paste encryption and storing. pirms 4 gadiem
  Teknikode 7897c15e9c Fixed bad paste output on decryption pirms 4 gadiem
  Teknikode 886b36cbf1 Removed validations as they aren't working for subdomains. pirms 4 gadiem
  Teknikode 1c7f0ce4f0 Added 'Enabled' for most service configs. pirms 4 gadiem
  Teknikode 51017d950b Added user uploads and pastes to profile. pirms 4 gadiem
  Teknikode acea8eb87b Fixed view counter to only be initialized -1 when redirecting from the web page paste. pirms 4 gadiem
  Teknikode 4b6f81153b Fixed pass checking for simple, raw, and download pirms 4 gadiem
  Teknikode ae8fd2848e Added paste to API. pirms 4 gadiem
  Teknikode ea22ac0827 Fixed raw vs download content types. pirms 4 gadiem
  Teknikode c3cd74d29e Added <time> tags to all datetime displays. pirms 4 gadiem
  Teknikode efe61f5112 Added paste expiration and simplified the view action. pirms 4 gadiem