7 Commits (c95849f46811f7aeb069b4bb50663ab25e413b74)

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  Teknikode c95849f468 Added two factor auth checking for users that have it enabled. 3 years ago
  Teknikode 54a9d8e4f0 Added initial structure for Two Factor authentication 3 years ago
  Teknikode b9fb94e685 Moved security specific settings to it's own model. 3 years ago
  Teknikode c3cd48b1a8 Separated settings into separate tabs. 3 years ago
  Teknikode d6613e587f Added password resets using recovery emails. 3 years ago
  Teknikode 1821cf75ad Added initial portion of Recovery Email option. 3 years ago
  Teknikode 74e5e90e1b Renamed 'Profile' area to 'User' to better match it's purpose. 3 years ago
  Teknikode 90001e3e48 Added bootstrap switch to checkboxes and added view of settings for upload on upload screen. 4 years ago
  Teknikode 51017d950b Added user uploads and pastes to profile. 4 years ago