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Аутор SHA1 Порука Датум
  Teknikode 09a33714ab Added paste and shortened URL search to admin page пре 5 месеци
  Teknikode 8954102306 Added max upload storage limits for user accounts пре 10 месеци
  Teknikode b5d5e4afbe Updated to .NET Core 2.2 (Except MVC Routing) пре 1 година
  Teknikode 94be2cf236 Added customization of scopes and grant type for clients пре 1 година
  Teknikode 94546b1881 Fixed service data deletions пре 1 година
  Teknikode 1c10276092 Cleaned up upload settings пре 1 година
  Teknikode 3e84e2beec Made upload page more mobile friendly пре 1 година
  Teknikode d310e0135f Added tooltip to expiration when disabled пре 1 година
  Teknikode b231c1a023 Fixed paste expiration unit not disapearing пре 1 година
  Teknikode 73f30571f5 Cleaned up Uploader UI пре 1 година
  Teknikode 58a9fd8bcf Fixed upload file extensions пре 1 година
  Teknikode 6fcead2fe8 Fixed client creation not adding item to list пре 1 година
  Teknikode 11da968e1c Fixed CSP and CORs related issues. пре 1 година
  Teknikode f7b3857427 Fixed redirect after registration. пре 1 година
  Teknikode 21b74411b3 Made deletion confirmation box a common function and moved bootbox to common bundle. пре 1 година
  Teknikode a4365b2671 - Added ability to edit paste. пре 1 година
  Teknikode 883318f871 Issue #54 - Added additional cleaning and logic to file extension parsing. пре 1 година
  Teknikode f13f390ab4 Issue #101 - Fixed stats and service data tabs not initially loading and remembering your selection. пре 1 година
  Teknikode 81d2a28ca2 Fixed UI around upload settings and viewing service data пре 1 година
  Teknikode a7abc80ac7 Added eslint and fixed all recommended issues. пре 1 година
  Teknikode d3ac671618 Added paste from clipboard support to uploads page. пре 1 година
  Teknikode 9bbb9a8ffa - Modified uploads to have an expiration of a day for non-logged in users. пре 1 година
  Teknikode e027ac44d6 Added editing of Clients and cleaned up the UI. пре 1 година
  Teknikode 96100ec2cd - Fixed client key not being displayed after creation. пре 1 година
  Teknikode 0073e99c6d Added invitre code creation to main admin page. пре 1 година
  Teknikode 416387c764 Added ability to set expirations for uploads. Includes default settings for logged in users. пре 1 година
  Teknikode 93fc385f0b Added separate page for viewing service data. пре 1 година
  Teknikode 179a27dd26 - Added client management to user's settings page. пре 1 година
  Teknikode 62e4476897 Added Identity Server for authentication пре 2 година
  Teknikode 50e16d87cb Fixed line highlighting пре 2 година
  Teknikode 712833c9d7 Added prism line numbering and line highlight as separate files пре 2 година
  Teknikode 4092bb27b7 Added prism.js as a syntax highlighter пре 2 година
  Teknikode 7fda3e3269 Fixed upload js not building correctly. пре 2 година
  Teknikode 175eaa4762 Added client side cache for static files. пре 2 година
  Teknikode f356e35b03 Added syntax highlighting to vaults пре 2 година
  Teknikode 43be6c4694 Added syntax highlighting for pastes w/ backwards? support. пре 2 година
  Teknikode 0a9ba75dcb Added .net core Piwik library. пре 2 година
  Teknikode f5d1f94eef - Added Git Service. пре 2 година
  Teknikode 5eb45263d9 Ported existing projects to Asp.Net Core (Except ServerMaint) пре 2 година
  Teknikode 0ea4d97db1 Changed Status to Stats пре 2 година
  Teknikode e27b625dc3 Added loading states to Login/Register/Settings buttons. пре 2 година
  Teknikode 37424956db Implemented dynamic CSP and added nonces to all inline script tags, and fixed inline js. пре 2 година
  Teknikode 3b17dd9e76 Updated Nuget Packages. пре 2 година
  Teknikode a7c314d728 - Implemented invite codes to use for registration. пре 2 година
  Teknikode b642f01246 - Added user helper function to change the account type for a given user. пре 3 година
  Teknikode 0a897b94aa Weird Checkin пре 3 година
  Teknikode 08f9535092 Broke out File Upload javascript functions more. Also changed download CSP to allow self. пре 3 година
  Teknikode e163e0ca8c - Moved TeknikEntities from global field to disposed local instances. пре 3 година
  Teknikode b7e00579b5 Added basic IRC web interface that connects to a specific server specified in the config. пре 3 година
  Teknikode 86e79b98ca - Added better error messages to login/register ajax response. пре 3 година