758 Commits (b5d5e4afbe5d9a822b2b9b3d1670b59c1f96e133)

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  Teknikode d97e89d9d3 Fixed URL Routing generation for Links. 4 years ago
  Teknikode aa754450c3 Added missing index file 4 years ago
  Teknikode 6c37129a32 Fixed dev routing 4 years ago
  Teknikode fc2e12e290 Think I got subdomains working. 4 years ago
  Teknikode 97389d57ce Added license and readme 5 years ago
  Teknikode 356a9d1ee2 Configured remote deployment, changed framework to 4.5.2 to work on IIS. 5 years ago
  Teknikode e062aaea86 Initial add for Teknik framework. 5 years ago
  Teknikode 0d23d4a47d Initial commit to add default .gitIgnore and .gitAttribute files. 5 years ago