6 Commits (b5d5e4afbe5d9a822b2b9b3d1670b59c1f96e133)

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  Teknikode b5d5e4afbe Updated to .NET Core 2.2 (Except MVC Routing) vor 5 Monaten
  Teknikode 89ba60b593 Made tracking operations go to a background queue to be processed. vor 11 Monaten
  Teknikode 7945ade961 Added .net core piwik tracking api to most entry points vor 11 Monaten
  Teknikode 0a9ba75dcb Added .net core Piwik library. vor 1 Jahr
  Teknikode a8862503ac Added Runtime Identifiers to all projects vor 1 Jahr
  Teknikode 83801357be Added git version tracking to file, and modified footer to load from that file (not the assembly) vor 1 Jahr