31 İşlemeler (b5d5e4afbe5d9a822b2b9b3d1670b59c1f96e133)

Yazar SHA1 Mesaj Tarih
  Teknikode b5d5e4afbe Updated to .NET Core 2.2 (Except MVC Routing) 5 ay önce
  Teknikode 89ba60b593 Made tracking operations go to a background queue to be processed. 11 ay önce
  Teknikode 7945ade961 Added .net core piwik tracking api to most entry points 11 ay önce
  Teknikode 0597455180 Removed unused Logout Session manager middleware 11 ay önce
  Teknikode f15fb73094 Fixed pastes, user logout endpoint, and auth cookie 11 ay önce
  Teknikode 40a5dee36f Added port designation for redirect and fixed identity server cookie domains 11 ay önce
  Teknikode 430a77f5ac Fixed system blog not loading the correct posts 11 ay önce
  Teknikode 11da968e1c Fixed CSP and CORs related issues. 11 ay önce
  Teknikode bbaf251525 Made CSP middleware the same for both web services 1 yıl önce
  Teknikode 1d5d85b661 - Added Expiration parsing to the Service Worker. 1 yıl önce
  Teknikode 9bbb9a8ffa - Modified uploads to have an expiration of a day for non-logged in users. 1 yıl önce
  Teknikode 2527c8accc Fixed bearer token not grabbing username. 1 yıl önce
  Teknikode 179a27dd26 - Added client management to user's settings page. 1 yıl önce
  Teknikode 933fb9d4cd Added service worker for handling routine tasks outside the scope of the main site. 1 yıl önce
  Teknikode 2799aac959 Fixed error handling 1 yıl önce
  Teknikode ed0f427f88 Added handling of access denied response from OpenID Connect server 1 yıl önce
  Teknikode 62e4476897 Added Identity Server for authentication 1 yıl önce
  Teknikode 7ec30d1e39 Changed auth backend to use Identity Server, and asp.net identities. 1 yıl önce
  Teknikode b2902d7090 Made sure all cookies were strict and https only 1 yıl önce
  Teknikode 39d875e4cf Changed cache expiry to be long 1 yıl önce
  Teknikode 175eaa4762 Added client side cache for static files. 1 yıl önce
  Teknikode 43be6c4694 Added syntax highlighting for pastes w/ backwards? support. 1 yıl önce
  Teknikode 9093c0f699 Added security headers, and file download last modified/content type. 1 yıl önce
  Teknikode 21a3a31f02 Removed tracking attributes from all files. 1 yıl önce
  Teknikode 2691501750 Fixed error handling page not using correct routes when generating URLs 1 yıl önce
  Teknikode 0a9ba75dcb Added .net core Piwik library. 1 yıl önce
  Teknikode 5eb45263d9 Ported existing projects to Asp.Net Core (Except ServerMaint) 1 yıl önce
  Teknikode da3d923ab7 - Created custom IPrincipal for the user session to include all the user information. 2 yıl önce
  Teknikode 904f3c167f Moved visitor history to status page from transparency page. 2 yıl önce
  Teknikode fc2e12e290 Think I got subdomains working. 4 yıl önce
  Teknikode e062aaea86 Initial add for Teknik framework. 4 yıl önce