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  Teknikode b5d5e4afbe Updated to .NET Core 2.2 (Except MVC Routing) il y a 3 mois
  Teknikode 97071c47c5 Added minimum password length requirements. il y a 9 mois
  Teknikode 40a5dee36f Added port designation for redirect and fixed identity server cookie domains il y a 9 mois
  Teknikode 11da968e1c Fixed CSP and CORs related issues. il y a 9 mois
  Teknikode 1d5d85b661 - Added Expiration parsing to the Service Worker. il y a 10 mois
  Teknikode 0f7c912390 Modified pastes to save content to encrypted files instead of saving to the DB. il y a 1 an
  Teknikode 62e4476897 Added Identity Server for authentication il y a 1 an
  Teknikode 9093c0f699 Added security headers, and file download last modified/content type. il y a 1 an
  Teknikode a8862503ac Added Runtime Identifiers to all projects il y a 1 an
  Teknikode 5eb45263d9 Ported existing projects to Asp.Net Core (Except ServerMaint) il y a 1 an