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  Teknikode 8561e6f6de - Fixed errors with podcast comments. vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode 72fa1ff967 Changed visitor chart to always be zeroed at 0. vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode b642f01246 - Added user helper function to change the account type for a given user. vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode 060c7fda80 Fixed shortened URLs in profile history not being the correct links vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode 0a897b94aa Weird Checkin vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode 08f9535092 Broke out File Upload javascript functions more. Also changed download CSP to allow self. vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode 771687b2b0 Added X-XSS-Protection header vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode dd117b31ab Added preload for HSTS vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode f95dd1f190 Fixed two factor being submitted incorrectly due to enter key. Fixes issue #52 vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode e7f3970bd4 Removed applicationHost section from web config vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode 026d3d6ce3 Added minBytesPerSecond to teknik web config vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode 7070128efb - Added better cache check for downloads. vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode b0c98f2e8a Added range support for Podcasts vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode ba4c3030ff Fixed NotFound method not logging correct info/returning 404 status vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode a69369e813 Fixed bad help info on auth header vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode 0badc6b3f9 Fixed missing reference on profile page vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode 656693e0c6 - Removed Inferno crypto library vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode 366ad08e83 Reworked CSP policy for downloads vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode a9968e8f87 Added content security policy for uploads vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode cfa226fa6a Finalized new AES cipher wrapper and removed old instance. vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode 72e5f4b62e Made AesStream handle syncing with the counter of the cipher. vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode 38bcfd9fc1 Created new AES CTR wrapper to allow specifying the counter manually vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode 1485126096 Revert "- Added a small workaround to possibly support specific block decryption - updated newtonsoft" vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode 6fbc187e9c - Added a small workaround to possibly support specific block decryption vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode 3490104980 Added range support again. vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode 6a1222a667 Added proper 404 response vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode 19b6564ccd Small mods to download function vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode e163e0ca8c - Moved TeknikEntities from global field to disposed local instances. vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode 1058b040a4 Updated bandwidth measurements to use correct units vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode 532d28d2d8 Updated uploads to give full URLs with the shortened subdomain by default. vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode 76839c1dec Changed network stats to return bits instead of bytes vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode 80d730636e Made API follow upload config vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode 14d5eee2bf Added file extension filter removal to web config. vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode 4f8befae58 Updated comment vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode b1923bfaa9 Added check to user profile editing to see if password resets are disabled. vor 3 Jahren
  danthebeastman b1612f9dee Update 'Teknik/Areas/Help/Views/Help/Tools.cshtml' vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode 55e51b32dc Removed Gratipay from donation methods. vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode 987d4bc679 - Hooked up handling of irc messages/commands for the UI of the client. vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode b7e00579b5 Added basic IRC web interface that connects to a specific server specified in the config. vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode 86e79b98ca - Added better error messages to login/register ajax response. vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode 446c74d45b Removed range support as decrypting directly to the output stream didn't work well with ranges. vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode afe9a7727a Fixed transaction donation bar showing full when actually empty vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode 5d27bb9c21 Added upload searching on Administration page. vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode 1fbad2861a Added check when editing passwords to make sure their git and email exists vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode 39372e6d84 Added removing of transfer types for passwords when resetting a user's password. vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode f0448110b6 Modified main page vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode 22527e3fb2 Removed latest blog posts from main page due to possibility of spam/abuse incentive vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode f01bbc6b18 Added markdown to Vault descriptions for better formatting. vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode f331a2427c Fixed exception if viewing a vautl with no user associated while logged in. vor 3 Jahren
  Teknikode ed9a12771b Removed logging in application_end_request for http headers errors vor 3 Jahren