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  Teknikode 6a620e18f1 Created initial Vault viewing page to handle multiple formats. pirms 3 gadiem
  Teknikode 99c0d3a1e3 Added transfer properties to Pastes for password transfers. pirms 4 gadiem
  Teknikode 5e88144bbf Added case sensitivity to certain model properties, and added a more robust transfer account system. pirms 4 gadiem
  Teknikode 0bfe971504 Updated models to use virtual for all entity types. This allows Lazy Loading of all entities. pirms 4 gadiem
  Teknikode 74e5e90e1b Renamed 'Profile' area to 'User' to better match it's purpose. pirms 4 gadiem
  Teknikode efe61f5112 Added paste expiration and simplified the view action. pirms 4 gadiem
  Teknikode f301671e5d Modified error registration. pirms 4 gadiem
  Teknikode 5fb06265b3 Simplified the SubdomainRoute to allow a single route to specify multiple subdomains. pirms 4 gadiem
  Teknikode 039fe574d6 Added automatic Database Migration on startup. pirms 5 gadiem