630 Révisions (6047903ee6f052083b20227911c0d0c747760cea)

Auteur SHA1 Message Date
  Teknikode 6047903ee6 Fixed multiple benign warnings il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode e795043aef Modified Gulp file to also bundle and minify based on the bundle config il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode f5d1f94eef - Added Git Service. il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode 5eb45263d9 Ported existing projects to Asp.Net Core (Except ServerMaint) il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode 2980817d57 Fixed upload API malware scan not using correcct max upload size il y a 2 ans
  Uncled1023 1299ef58cf Fixed max clamAV stream size il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode 6c5def43a8 Fixed max upload size not taking into account basic/premium il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode ec39796d85 Removed unused status help info il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode eaab17c211 Additional fixes il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode aa062b142a Fixed more errors from previous change il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode c59d4f7661 Fixed misnamed config vars il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode 0ea4d97db1 Changed Status to Stats il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode bf47978253 Added restricted file extensions for uploads il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode 0c9bbb0dfa Updated production publish profile to point to new server il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode d8c681665b Removed unused bundles il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode 4ba6f2aae2 Added true cancelation of uploads. This includes during loading, encryption, and final upload. il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode e27b625dc3 Added loading states to Login/Register/Settings buttons. il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode 7703829ed0 Added info to premium chart for new embedded file max size il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode 700762bc15 Changed downloads to also check logged in user for premium status il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode a22f3b3fd9 Changed no download limit to be Premium feature only il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode ce0ded7c55 Added method to make uploads over a certain size direct to the download page and force a SaveAs dialog. This is to prevent non-user uploads from being spammed to host large videos/embedded data. il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode 72a3d3efe7 Removed compression module as it's not needed with IIS. il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode 8f0a3218f5 Updated dev build profile. il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode 951635fcbe Fixed CDN not checking the right headers il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode b9bc4986df Added method to check to see if CDN is passing the request and then pass back the CDN as the origin. il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode 32965400d6 Added Compression Module to handle GZip and Deflate il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode 8ffbaa5c19 'Fixed' HPKP il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode 4853868654 Added CDN DigiCert cert hash to public key pin header il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode 86df06bd6b Added 'Actions' to robots.txt il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode d667bf35f7 Removed DB and Website CPU from graph due to them being buggy il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode c099076d8e Fixed Visitor Data not being pulled correctly. il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode 73403551d6 Reverted Piwik Tracker package to last working copy. il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode 18a066502c Cleaned up FAQ link in help, and added abuse link. il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode 395aba3d14 Fixed non cross-domain support in CSP. il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode aacc07d4a1 Fixed Download page not using current subdomain as link. il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode 37424956db Implemented dynamic CSP and added nonces to all inline script tags, and fixed inline js. il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode c78ea99e79 Made upload controller not lock due to sessions il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode c695051a9b Made tracking a synchronous process il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode 86559669b7 Added cacheing to the Config loading instead of file hash. il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode 782aba9d22 Modified tracking to not pass in any volatile objects. il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode 3b17dd9e76 Updated Nuget Packages. il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode 28e6c34748 Removed unecessary headers. il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode 003d06604e Made sure tracking attributes were everywhere that they should be. il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode bea394cbaf Added IP and Referrer blacklists. il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode 8827992935 Optimized tracking filters il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode 78ed1d79b0 Modified system emails to use names il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode 602ecc9b31 Added cache to favicon and logo il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode c8b0c1624c Fixed deletion of user's account due to invite codes. il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode a9a80f7a97 Fixed status realtime charts not loading when visit chart is hidden. il y a 2 ans
  Teknikode d7994ef6ff Re-enabled dl cache since the RST seems to be fixed. il y a 2 ans