61 Commitit (28e6c347486ab25cc563e753b2ad22966c82fd96)

Tekijä SHA1 Viesti Päivämäärä
  Teknikode a7c314d728 - Implemented invite codes to use for registration. 2 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode b642f01246 - Added user helper function to change the account type for a given user. 3 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode 0a897b94aa Weird Checkin 3 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode 08f9535092 Broke out File Upload javascript functions more. Also changed download CSP to allow self. 3 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode e163e0ca8c - Moved TeknikEntities from global field to disposed local instances. 3 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode b7e00579b5 Added basic IRC web interface that connects to a specific server specified in the config. 3 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode 86e79b98ca - Added better error messages to login/register ajax response. 3 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode 5d27bb9c21 Added upload searching on Administration page. 3 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode b967bc07d6 Moved transpaerency to the new status page, and separated each section into a tab. 3 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode 904f3c167f Moved visitor history to status page from transparency page. 3 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode 2c972f1a83 Added Status page for viewing realtime stats of server resources. 3 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode 46b4fc9c9e Added visitor stats to transparency page. 3 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode 5bab89b884 Modified Terms of Service and About page to include Premium Accounts 3 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode c17637ccad Fixed upload/paste create/add to vault not passing variable correctly. 3 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode 986dd37f71 - Changed uploads to auto generate deletion key. 3 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode 19f42c5276 - Finished 'New Vault' page with support for pre-population from other sources. 3 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode efc7f7dae6 Added ability to create vaults. 3 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode a509291022 - Modified uploads to either encrypt in the browser, or encrypt server side. 3 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode 56b0063dce Moved Helpers and Configuration into separate projects. Updated all references to use them as well. 3 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode e8eea8404e Added X-Requested-With header to ajax calls. 3 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode f472c4f5d7 Added base Admin area. 3 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode 04c2e657ab Changed paste to use backend syntax highlighting by pygments instead of a JS method. 3 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode 15393324b0 Fixed CORs issues with running web workers. Changed URLs for workers and scripts imported inside workers to Blob URLs. 3 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode 667ef65682 Changed images to be in the image folder, and css to be in Content. 4 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode 563ff86c3a Added initial reference to MarkdownDeep Client. 4 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode ce12758c7d Added comments 4 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode b0472d852f Added auto-select to the bitcoin address 4 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode 53d6fc1628 Added anti-forgery tokens to user account related requests. Unable to add to login/registration due to cross-domain support for the login/registration form. 4 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode 140d0a0371 Renamed trusted devices setting. 4 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode c95849f468 Added two factor auth checking for users that have it enabled. 4 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode 99d2f3ffa3 Added support for NoJS. 4 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode 74e5e90e1b Renamed 'Profile' area to 'User' to better match it's purpose. 4 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode 4cd88265b7 Added some theme files. 4 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode 8e71dd6e2a Finished url shortening page. 4 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode ffbdec715c Fixed not logging in after registration. 4 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode 897fd5ecfd Fixed auth ajax request not allowing cross-domain. 4 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode 886b36cbf1 Removed validations as they aren't working for subdomains. 4 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode e918da06be Added the uploaded files extension as teh default extension in case one could not be determined from the content-type. 4 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode 90001e3e48 Added bootstrap switch to checkboxes and added view of settings for upload on upload screen. 4 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode bf2d1a429b Added c# Markdown library. 4 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode c48bfc3be9 Initial Podcast creation. 4 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode 316b952da8 Moved syntax highlighting to a web worker to handle large ammounts of text 4 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode e84752a9c0 Finished most of the Paste service. 4 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode da64b0c7a2 Added basic paste interface 4 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode 5fb06265b3 Simplified the SubdomainRoute to allow a single route to specify multiple subdomains. 4 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode 7679851064 Added Help pages. 4 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode 12682f5531 Fixed bad encrpty/decrypt missing a byte evey chunk. 4 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode 252d605ce0 Implemented file download and decryption. Still need to re-create file from ArrayBuffer. 4 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode fbed5b2ba5 Fixed encryption of files, modified UI some more. 4 vuotta sitten
  Teknikode 59e213690e Fixed encrypted data not being sent to server. 4 vuotta sitten