741 Commits (1c102760921e8b053e57baaec4e1c048b717459d)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Teknikode 1c10276092 Cleaned up upload settings 11 months ago
  Teknikode 340c7fca8b Made nav bar more responsive for mobile 11 months ago
  Teknikode 3e84e2beec Made upload page more mobile friendly 11 months ago
  Teknikode d310e0135f Added tooltip to expiration when disabled 11 months ago
  Teknikode b231c1a023 Fixed paste expiration unit not disapearing 11 months ago
  Teknikode 73f30571f5 Cleaned up Uploader UI 11 months ago
  Chris Woodward 1c18526244 Fixed Paste/Upload APIs not allowing unauthed requests 11 months ago
  Teknikode 7733312861 Removed caching from changing models 11 months ago
  Teknikode 97071c47c5 Added minimum password length requirements. 11 months ago
  Teknikode 58a9fd8bcf Fixed upload file extensions 11 months ago
  Teknikode 35786f1855 Fixed name of ShareX tool. 11 months ago
  Teknikode fc86f237fb Added cacheing to Client Store, and Management API 11 months ago
  Teknikode b5c02f7640 Added updating of Last Seen on login 11 months ago
  Teknikode 54398fbe29 Fixed untitled paste title 11 months ago
  Teknikode f15fb73094 Fixed pastes, user logout endpoint, and auth cookie 11 months ago
  Teknikode 73e5e084a5 Fixed pastes erroring out if there is no IV/Key 11 months ago
  Teknikode 40a5dee36f Added port designation for redirect and fixed identity server cookie domains 11 months ago
  Teknikode 06ffbf0220 Added default endpoint for post-logout 11 months ago
  Teknikode a3b59ef041 Fixed legacy password checks. 11 months ago
  Teknikode 737a17c7d3 Fixed registration not working correctly 11 months ago
  Teknikode 48ccf56fb0 Added option to publish profile to make App Offline on deployment 11 months ago
  Teknikode 829b773e71 Fixed git service not getting LastActive correctly 11 months ago
  Teknikode 430a77f5ac Fixed system blog not loading the correct posts 11 months ago
  Teknikode 09630a6714 Merged core into master 11 months ago
  Teknikode 85eba4fed2 Merged master with core 11 months ago
  Teknikode 0c9012524d Cleaned up migrations 11 months ago
  Teknikode 6865b5c5bc Small cleanups and fixes 11 months ago
  Teknikode 8a6353f3da Added Feature infrastructure and changed email accounts to start disabled for new accounts. 11 months ago
  Teknikode 6fcead2fe8 Fixed client creation not adding item to list 11 months ago
  Teknikode 11da968e1c Fixed CSP and CORs related issues. 11 months ago
  Teknikode bbaf251525 Made CSP middleware the same for both web services 11 months ago
  Teknikode 1f3d895a1c Cleaned up validation error summary 11 months ago
  Teknikode f7b3857427 Fixed redirect after registration. 11 months ago
  Teknikode bed3d95d9e Added footer to identity server 11 months ago
  Teknikode 6b83850b86 Changed copyright date 11 months ago
  Teknikode 037a7afe0b Changed services dropdown to be right aligned 11 months ago
  Teknikode a663924456 Cleaned up main index page and added conditional links if a user is logged in. 11 months ago
  Teknikode 4892e01630 Standardized the titles for all of the pages. 11 months ago
  Teknikode 0b2cafbd20 Fixed link to view raw PGP public key not pointing to correct subdomain. 11 months ago
  Teknikode 9228d7ba0b Fixed Identity Helper not pointing to correct endpoint for updating of the PGP public key. 11 months ago
  Teknikode 0df52f5d79 Changed most 'user' subdomains to 'account'. 11 months ago
  Teknikode d8f3379625 Added active page checks to nav bar 11 months ago
  Teknikode 078400f05a Added icons and pretified the navbar dropdown menus. 11 months ago
  Teknikode 21b74411b3 Made deletion confirmation box a common function and moved bootbox to common bundle. 11 months ago
  Teknikode a4365b2671 - Added ability to edit paste. 11 months ago
  Teknikode 063854f776 Added checks to see if paste file exists. 1 year ago
  Teknikode 883318f871 Issue #54 - Added additional cleaning and logic to file extension parsing. 1 year ago
  Teknikode f13f390ab4 Issue #101 - Fixed stats and service data tabs not initially loading and remembering your selection. 1 year ago
  Teknikode f8c5c739d8 Issue #102 - Added link to security settings to navigate to the identity server's grant management page. 1 year ago
  Teknikode 09e2249604 Issue #98 - Fixed vaults not loading paste content or syntax highlighting. 1 year ago