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Аутор SHA1 Порука Датум
  Teknikode 12682f5531 Fixed bad encrpty/decrypt missing a byte evey chunk. пре 4 година
  Teknikode 252d605ce0 Implemented file download and decryption. Still need to re-create file from ArrayBuffer. пре 4 година
  Teknikode fbed5b2ba5 Fixed encryption of files, modified UI some more. пре 4 година
  Teknikode 59e213690e Fixed encrypted data not being sent to server. пре 4 година
  Teknikode ebf069e43f Uploads - Got encryption working, got file upload working (not encrypted version though), and got upload saving server side. пре 4 година
  Teknikode 5a50acdad0 Modified javascript encryption пре 4 година
  Teknikode 21ffabf103 Updated dropzone and added new encryption functions пре 4 година
  Teknikode e534a58a7b Added new Url Extension to generate a url with subdomain пре 5 година