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  Teknikode cfb9b36b12 changed permissions пре 3 година
  Teknikode 22d60b04b5 Removed uneccessary checking of type when updating item пре 3 година
  Teknikode 6d6f290ebf Fixed uploads not using CORs. Fixed panel updates not occuring if an item was deleted/removed. Added tooltips to popup UI пре 3 година
  Teknikode 40b81721d1 Fixed upload progress not always updating correctly in popup пре 3 година
  Teknikode 8dae5e1282 Removed unused script file, fixed delete URL not being hidden, and reformatted options пре 3 година
  Teknikode 43269b15d0 Added progress and error tiles, and more options available in settings screen пре 3 година
  Teknikode 93f3106914 Added shortcut for uploads, added more settings, cleaned up item styles in popup пре 3 година
  Teknikode 0882fddfa8 Fixed upload prompt/upload not working for both firefox and chrome пре 3 година
  Teknikode e3d9fdcd41 Moved file input handler back up into document ready пре 3 година
  Teknikode bbe17766b7 Fixed up popup UI and initial manual upload mechanism пре 3 година
  Teknikode 60ee401807 Updated things пре 3 година
  Teknikode b942158634 Added font awesome, and stylized the popup пре 3 година
  Teknikode b8ced22ee7 Modified popup styling to be more readable пре 3 година
  Teknikode 7dcf0e8700 Added loading of process items on browser action load, and handling of removing/opening items пре 3 година
  Teknikode ac9b1a29dc Added updating of badge for current process item пре 3 година
  Teknikode 77e792292d Added base for uploading content files пре 3 година
  Teknikode c058609d71 Updated scripts to be separated concerns. пре 3 година