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SolitudeSF 953c035d81
Adapt polybar/bspwm/sxhkd to multimonitor setup. Adapt to bspwm/elvish/bedrock updates. Misc kakoune/nim changes. wlp is now a part of dotutils.
2 months ago
agent-init Add Xonotic config. Misc fixes. 1 year ago
anzu What 1 year ago
ddd What 1 year ago
disown What 1 year ago
e What 1 year ago
edit-script Add imgur upload/delete scripts. Fix new bin locations. 1 year ago
elvmv Misc elvish/kakoune changes. Many other minor changes. 8 months ago
folderscontain What 1 year ago
git-push-all What 1 year ago
git-yikes What 1 year ago
imgur Actually use kak-lsp. Improve imgur script. Bunch of minor fixes. 1 year ago
mime What 1 year ago
mpvwall Fix ntr symlinks/zathura template. Move terminal env to kitty. More xonotic configuration. Make kitty diff colors a ntr template. Elvish update. Kakoune plugins update. 9 months ago
mpw-get Proper mpv setup. Split gpg/ssh agents. Misc changes. 7 months ago
nimlint Add new kakoune plugins. Switch keybinds. Add lint/lsp/format for many languages. 1 year ago
nimprettify Drop pqiv. Move terminal specific env variables from global env to elvish. Remove sensitive info from global env. 1 year ago
opus What 1 year ago
png-optimize What 1 year ago
rofi-bspwm-unhide What 1 year ago
rofi-powermenu What 1 year ago
rofi-windowswitcher What 1 year ago
screenshot Minor script changes. More agressive optimiztions for nim and xbps-src. Switch to polkit/elogind. 1 year ago
wal-to-context Misc elvish/kakoune changes. Many other minor changes. 8 months ago
xbps-src What 1 year ago
xresources-to-context What 1 year ago