Dark GTK theme based on Arc.
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A flat GTK dark theme.

Disclaimer: Credit for most of this goes to the original Arc Theme. You can find it here: https://github.com/horst3180/arc-theme


This is a fork of the Arc theme, specifically the variant Arc-Dark. I do not care for the other variants and the aim of this theme is to be simple and easy to modify. Only MATE is offically supported at the moment, use other desktop environments at your own risk. Pull requests are appreciated :)


All you need to do to install this theme is run install.sh as root (or any other user that has access to /usr/share/themes) and the theme is ready to use.


This theme aims to be easy to configure and change. If you want to edit the gtk3 theme, you only have to edit the gtk.css. For the gtk2 theme you’ll have to edit the gtkrc file. Both gtk2 and gtk3 have an assets.svg file for the images.

The colors used for the creation of this theme are:

  • #1F1F1F as primary background color
  • #1A1A1A as secondary background color
  • #DADADA as primary foreground color
  • #3A85E2 as highlight color
  • #2D2D2D as border color
  • #2B2B2B as button and entry background color
  • #242424 as inactive background color
  • #383838 as hover color

Once you change the assets.svg file you’ll have to regenerate the assets using the render-assets.sh script. This requires inkscape and optionally optipng for compressing the output images.

If you want to change the name of the theme, all you have to do is edit the index.theme file and replace every occurance of Arc-Apolo with the new name.

After changing anything, you’ll have to reinstall the theme using the install.sh script.