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@@ -10,9 +10,9 @@ A simple bot that reads the song info from the currently playing track in banshe
* 2: Make a new app with the [discord developer dashboard](https://discordapp.com/developers/applications/me) and note your client secret.
* 3: Link your free heroku account to github and deploy your fork or clone, be sure to set your config vars with an item KEY of BOT_TOKEN and a value of the aformentioned client secret from your discord bot app.
* 4: Edit the file [bot.js at line 43](https://github.com/calexil/BansheeBot/blob/master/bot.js#L43) to match your music channels Id, then [edit the file at line 60](https://github.com/calexil/BansheeBot/blob/master/bot.js#L60) so it matches your heroku app page.
* 5: Make sure the [bansheecheck.sh script](https://github.com/calexil/BansheeBot/blob/master/bansheecheck.sh) is set it to run at your systems startup with `bash bansheecheck.sh` be sure to edit it to match your username and heroku app page endpoint
* 5: Start Banshee, Play music and then run the [bansheecheck.sh script](https://github.com/calexil/BansheeBot/blob/master/bansheecheck.sh), be sure to edit it to match your username and heroku app page endpoint
* 6: Check out the [Command list here](https://github.com/calexil/BansheeBot/blob/master/Commands.md)
* 7: Play music through Banshee media player and watch it go.
* 7: Watch it go.

## Bug Reporting
### [Submit Issues here](https://github.com/calexil/BansheeBot/issues/new)